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  • Are You Antibiotics Aware? January 3, 2020

    Spurred by Alexander Fleming’s serendipitous discovery of penicillin in 1928, antibiotics have rightfully become wonder drugs, often able to change the course of deadly bacterial ...

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  • Hectic Days, Sleepless Nights: Coping with Insomnia December 20, 2019

    by Scott Tong, MD

    Virtually everyone’s experienced a night of tossing and turning – one in three adults reports they have trouble falling or staying asleep – but for some, insomnia becomes ...

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  • Did you know that 80% of cardiovascular disease can be prevented? December 20, 2019

    Simple but important lifestyle changes, including being physically active and quitting smoking, combined with judicious use of statins and a daily dose of aspirin, when indicated, can dramatically reduce your risk of experiencing a heart ...

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  • Alcohol: Not Gender-Neutral December 2, 2019

    The Female Factor: Alcohol is Not Gender-aNeutral

    Given the growing popularity of the cocktail culture and wine time, it’s important to know that alcohol affects women very differently than men – physiologically, psychologically and socially. It’s worth asking: For women, is the wine ...

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  • When Are the Best Years of Our Lives? November 26, 2019

    Happiness Continuum: When Are the Best Years of Our Lives?

    Is there a predetermined peak age for happiness, before which our normal outlook is gloomy and melancholy and after which we slump back into these non-euphoric ways?

    Like trying to define why some people ...

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  • Prescription Drugs, From Pickup to Takeback November 26, 2019

    Safe Passage: Navigating Your Prescription Drugs, From Pickup to Takeback

    If you are not taking your prescription medications as directed (or at all), you’re far from alone: Compliance is estimated at just 50% among U.S. patients. ...

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  • Friday, December 6th: Walk with Dr. Tong November 25, 2019

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  • Caring for the Caregiver: Dementia November 19, 2019

    Caring for the Caregiver: a Plan for Dealing with Dementia in a Family Member

    By Scott Tong, MD

    As a result of an aging population worldwide, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia is rising to record levels, now affecting more than 44 million people, with a new case developing every three seconds. In ...

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  • Alert: Influenza reported in South Bay November 19, 2019

    Please be aware: the flu season is officially here and influenza has arrived in South Bay. If you experience cold-like symptoms that seem extraordinarily severe – bad body aches, fever over 100 degrees, shaking and chills, coughing, diarrhea – please contact your physician immediately. You can be treated with appropriate and effective medication if prescribed ...

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  • Holiday Hours November 14, 2019
    Dear Patients,
    It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is just around the corner. To allow my staff to fully enjoy the holidays, our office hours will be as follows:

    • Thanksgiving:
    • Wednesday, November 27: Open ½ day in the morning
    • Thursday and Friday, November 28 & 29: Closed
    • Christmas and New Year’s:
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