Alert: Influenza reported in South Bay

Please be aware: the flu season is officially here and influenza has arrived in South Bay. If you experience cold-like symptoms that seem extraordinarily severe – bad body aches, fever over 100 degrees, shaking and chills, coughing, diarrhea – please contact your physician immediately. You can be treated with appropriate and effective medication if prescribed within 48 hours of first experiencing any of these flu symptoms.

Why this matters: Every year influenza accounts for thousands of deaths and hospitalizations. Complications such as pneumonia, dehydration and heart attacks can have devastating effects on patients. Based on epidemiology from Australia, the area first monitored annually, this year is once again likely to bring a severe flu season. Peak months are usually around February to April, although keep in mind that in 2019, a ‘second wave’ of flu occurred later in May. Please be sure to get your flu shots and practice safe infection control practices including frequent hand washing and staying away from large crowd situations during peak season.