Coronavirus Information And Updates

Possible antiviral treatment. Mass General researchers have uncovered a novel potential antiviral drug target that could lead to treatments protecting against a host of infectious diseases, creating a plan or universal treatment.

There has been a significant increase in the number of infected people likely due to new detection tests per China’s health commission.  Cruise ships continue to be quarantined with an increasing number of cases in Japan. Singapore and Japan have the most cases outside of China.  The coronavirus prefers a cool environment. It is possible that by the end of Spring we should see this epidemic/pandemic resolved. However, in the meantime, the number of cases will likely double within a month.

Update 2/3/2020 Health And Human Services Secretary Alex Azar Said That President Donald Trump Signed An Order For The U.S. To Deny Entry To Foreign Nationals Who Have Traveled To China Within The Past Two Weeks, Aside From The Immediate Family Of U.S. Citizens. Any U.S. Citizens Who Have Been In China’s Hubei Province — Home Of Wuhan, The Epicenter Of The Virus — Within The Last 14 “Will Be Subject To Up To 14 Days Of Mandatory Quarantine To Ensure They’re Provided Proper Medical Care And Health Screening.”

Important Facts: Much Is Still Unknown About The Virus. The Mortality Rate However Is Low @ 2-3% Vs Influenza At 6+% Vs Sars 9% And Ebola 50%. The Cases Likely Will Increase Quickly Over A Short Period Of Time Due To The Significant Number Of Travelers That Already Arrived In The Us From China (8,000 Arrive Daily) That Only Discontinued On 1/31. Most Importantly, If You Are Concerned With Your Symptoms, Contact Your Primary Care Physician Asap. Try To Avoid Going To Er Unless You Have Significant Symptoms Such As Shortness Of Breath As Likely You May Be Exposed To Other Infectious Disease In The Waiting Room. Surgical Mask For The Low Risk Population(General Public) For Now Is Adequate. N 95 Mask Should Be Reserved For Possible Exposure, Hospital/Flight Settings.

The World Health Organization On Thursday Declared A Public Health Emergency Of International Concern Over The Outbreak Of Novel Coronavirus (2019-Ncov). There Is Now The First Case Of Human To Human Transmission. American Airline Has Halted All Flights To And From China, Other Airlines Will Likely Follow Suit. The Likely Chance That There Will Be More Cases Is Very High. However Outside China, The Mortality Rate Is Very Low. Please Bear In Mind That Influenzas Are Far More Harmful And Deadly Than This Coronavirus. Please Continue To Exercise Good Hand Washing Techniques, And Avoid Touching Faces.